My 2023 Bingo Card

Elizabeth Westphal
1 min readJan 3

In a previous post I set some goals for the new year, but now for a more fun and chaotic new years tradition: the bingo card. It’s been a trend on TikTok the past few years but I can remember seeing these on reddit and facebook meme pages years before TikTok even existed.

If you’re unfamiliar with the trend, you fill out a bingo card with events you think may happen this year — anything from Award show predictions to news headlines to new trends. I tend to keep mine focus on pop culture to keep things light (besides a few celebrity death predictions).

Most of these are based in something, others are just shots in the dark. I’m not going to justify and explain each of them but I have a strong feeling about the celebrity breakups and Speak Now Taylor’s Version.

I’ll be impressed if I get five this year. What are your 2023 Predictions?